New subscriptions can be added at any point of time.


To add a new subscription:


  1. Open the ‘Subscription’ page

  2. Click the ‘Add new subscription’ button in the top right hand corner

  3. Enter the subscription name or select from the suggested drop down list of subscriptions. 

  4. Select the owner of this subscription.

  5. Select subscription type- Free, One-off, Monthly.

  6. Select a billing frequency - you cannot be charged outside of this frequency

  7. Enter subscription cost - this amount will be charged for your subscription

  8. Enable to cost flexibility - you cannot be charged more than this amount.

  9. View card details with the OTP verification.

  10. Enter the card details into the provider's website as normal. 

  11. You can view the subscription in the ‘Active’ section on the subscription page.