1. You must have a Xero account with SGD as the base currency or the account should have multi-currency enabled and SGD as one of the supported currencies. You will not be able to connect to Xero in case your account does not support it

2. You must have primary administrator or accountant privileges for your Subtra account

3. To enable syncing of USD wallet transactions your Xero account must have multi-currency enabled and USD as one of the supported currencies. This is an optional requirement, in case USD is not supported you can skip the syncing of USD wallet transactions

Connecting your Xero account

1. Log in to your Subtra account as a primary administrator and navigate to the accounting integrations page from Setting > Accounting

2. Click on Connect for Xero integration, and you will be redirected to the Xero login page

3. Log in to your Xero account and allow access privileges to Subtra. In case you have multiple organisations in your Xero account, select the one you would like to connect with Subtra.

4. Once redirected back to Subtra you need to map all the Subtra expense categories with your Xero chart of accounts. Your purchase transactions will be synced with a chart of accounts mapped to the expense category for the respective subscription.

5. In the next step you are required to map the transaction fee for Forex transactions from your respective USD and SGD wallets with a Xero chart of accounts. All fee transactions will be synced as separate transactions.

6. Finally, you will need to map an expense category for your existing subscription that is not already associated with an expense category

6. That's it, your Xero account is now connected with Subtra-

  • Your Subtra SGD and USD wallet will be created as Bank accounts on Xero
  • The below will be synced to the connected Xero account
    • Purchase and fee transactions as "Spend money" transactions on Xero
    • Reversal and fee reversal transactions as "Receive money" transaction on Xero